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  • Heavy Truck solution

    In terms of the use scenarios of medium and heavy trucks,Inovance Automotive can provide a variety of motor controllers and motor product portfolio solutions. These solutions are characterized by high efficiency, high flexibility, and multi-functionality, and can meet the power requirements of various types of medium and heavy trucks, such as pure electric and fuel cell vehicles, while effectively improving the vehicle's range.

  • High efficiency

    compact internal structure, less energy transfer loss

  • Flexible layout

    high integration, small size, convenient for flexible layout of the whole vehicle

  • Efficient maintenance

    modular design, reasonable structure, convenient and fast maintenance

Solution composition
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  • Voltage range:350~750V
  • Power range:105~140kW
  • Torque range:300~420Nm
  • Max efficiency:97.44%
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  • Dispose :TM、EPS、ACM、PDU、DCDC
  • Voltage range:200~750V
  • Peak current :710/850A
  • Max efficiency:99.0%
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  • Output frequency:0-800Hz
  • Carrier frequency:6-8KHz
  • Control voltage:12/24V
  • size(mm):581*535*180
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  • Rated power :40/45kW
  • Rated current:190Arms
  • DCDC power:1.5kW/3kW
  • OBC power:6.6kW (optional)
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