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  • LD35-2

    The 5-in-1 inverter is an integrated inverter designed specifically for heavy trucks. The inverter is internally integrated with TM, EPS, ACM, DCDC and PDU. It has the characteristics of high power density, strong environmental adaptability, and long design life.

  • Function

    FOTA, UDS, ASC, limp home

  • Rich PDU configurations

    air conditioning, external DCDC, PTC, high-power upper garment

  • Strong compatibilit

    Compatible with pure electric, hybrid (extended range), gas electric, and single and dual motor driver

  • Serialization

    The same size covers multiple power bands to meet different power

Product parameter

  • 678*494*260

    Size (mm)

  • 48±2 kg


  • 3000m


  • -40℃~85℃

    Working temperature

  • 99.0%

    Max efficiency

  • 710/850A

    Peak current

  • 200~750V

    Voltage range

Application models