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  • Light Truck solution

    In response to the market characteristics of new energy logistics vehicles, Inovance Automotive provides an efficient, reliable, and powerful solution that combines high-power density motor controllers and high-speed motors. Additionally, we adopt the same development system as passenger cars to create products that ensure the safe transportation of urban logistics. This solution features high efficiency, reliability, and strong power, making a positive impact on the logistics industry.

  • High efficiency

    integrated motor controller, optimized structure, less energy loss

  • High reliability

    passenger car product development process, product stability is fully guaranteed

  • Strong power

    high speed, high output power, to meet vehicle power requirements

Solution composition
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  • Voltage range:350~750V
  • Power range:105~120kW
  • Torque range:300~360Nm
  • Max speed:12000rpm
  • Max efficiency:97.41%
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  • Voltage range:350~750V
  • Peak current :320/420A
  • Max efficiency :≥99%
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  • Rated power :40/45kW
  • Rated current:190Arms
  • DCDC power:1.5kW/3kW
  • OBC power:6.6kW (optional)
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