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  • Bus solution

    In particular, Inovance Automotive focuses on the use of passenger cars and can provide a variety of motor controllers and motor product portfolio solutions. These solutions are characterized by high efficiency, flexible layout, and efficient maintenance, and can meet the needs of various vehicle powertrains. This is beneficial for automotive companies to realize the platform concept of the entire vehicle and further improve production efficiency.

  • High efficiency

    compact internal structure, less energy transfer loss

  • Flexible layout

    high integration, small size, convenient for flexible layout of the whole vehicle

  • Efficient maintenance

    modular design, reasonable structure, convenient and fast maintenance

Solution composition
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  • Configuration:DCDC+EHPS+ACM+TM+PDU
  • Voltage range:350~750V
  • Peak current:25A
  • Max efficiency:≥99%
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  • Voltage range:300~750V
  • Peak current :560A
  • Max efficiency:≥99%
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