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  • Powertrain solutions for passenger vehicles

    High power density , High flexibility ,High safety rating

    INOVANCE’s second generation powertrain solution, which integrates the inverter, motor and gearbox, is highly reliable and stable thanks to our approved technologies. It comes with high voltage interlock and active short circuit protection to safeguard your driving and features high energy efficiency and high flexibility with the parking brake as an option.

  • High power-density

    Compact and lightweight design and high power density increase vehicle range.

  • High flexibility

    Modular and platform-based design allows for extreme flexibility.

  • High safety rating

    Approved technologies and a variety of safety functions ensure safe and reliable driving.

Solution composition
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Class A 3-in-1 Powertrain

  • Voltage range:200—450V
  • Peak power range:130kW@320V
  • Peak torque range:2315-2900Nm
  • Max. system efficiency:93.5%
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  • Peak efficiency :≥96%
  • EMC:Class5
  • Weight(3.0kW):≤3.0kg
  • Design lifetime:15 years
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  • Efficiency :≥95%
  • Power density:2.14kW/L
  • Weight :≤5.5kg
  • Service life :15 years
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