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  • LD32

    LD32 single/dual motor controller is designed by Inovance Automotive based on the 3rd generation commercial vehicle platform for heavy-duty trucks. It can integrate two main drive controllers or high-power single motor controllers internally, with high power density, strong environmental adaptability, and long design life.

  • Security

    Supports ASC functionality

  • Easy to install and maintain

    Adopting IPT terminals, safe and reliable, easy to install and disassemble

  • Serialization

    IGBT compatible design meets the needs of different power bands

  • Compatibility

    Supports single and dual motor control, with the same size and multiple power bands

Product parameter

  • 400~750V


  • 160/210/280A;

    Rated current (Duel motor controller)

  • 320/420/560A

    Peak current (Duel motor controller)

  • 80/100/120KW

    Rated power (Duel motor controller)

  • 160/200/250KW

    Peak power(Duel motor controller)

  • 350/470A;

    Rated current(Single motor controller)

  • 700/850A

    Peak current (Single motor controller)

  • 215/310KW

    Rated power (Single motor controller)

  • 360/450KW

    Peak power (Single motor controller)

  • 0-800Hz

    Output frequency

  • 6-8KHz

    Carrier frequency

  • 12/24V

    Control voltage

  • 581*535*180


  • 30


Application models