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  • Mini Van solution


    Inovance Automotive specifically aims to offer a wide portfolio of solutions in e-motor, inverter, power supply and eAxle components to solve new energy-powered mini-truck scenarios in urban logistics. These solutions are characterized by small size, light weight, high efficiency and reliability, and can effectively enhance the cruising ability, loading capacity and reduce the cost of vehicle usage. These measures are believed to have a positive impact on the development of the urban logistics industry.

  • Small size

    integrated design, more compact and reasonable internal structure

  • Light weight

    compact structure, fewer additional components, conducive to reducing the weight of the whole vehicle

  • High reliability

    built-in cable, greatly reduced fault points

Solution composition
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  • System composition:e-motor+inverter
  • Input voltage range:250~450 Vdc
  • Peak power:70kW@30s
  • Peak torque :230Nm
  • Peak speed:12000 rpm
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  • Rated power :40/45kW
  • Rated current:190Arms
  • DCDC power:1.5kW/3kW
  • OBC power:6.6kW (optional)
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  • AC input range:85~264Vac/32A MAX
  • HVDC output range:200~480Vdc, 6.6kW
  • LVDC output range:9~16Vdc / 210A, 3.0kW
  • AC reverse output:220Vac / 3.3kVA
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