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  • BD35-1

    Based on customer needs, Inovance Automotive independently developed and produced a five-in-one integrated controller specifically designed for new energy buses. It features high integration, small volume, high power density, high efficiency, strong environmental adaptability, and high reliability.

  • High EMC level

    No-load Class 4, loaded Class 3

  • Easy installation and maintenance

    IPT terminal and power distribution quick plug design, higher production efficiency and better IP protection

  • High reliability

    Small volume, lightweight design, modular design, significantly reduce cables, reduce fault points; With online IGBT temperature estimation technology, the controller has better performance

  • High system efficiency

    Variable load frequency and overmodulation technology with low energy transfer loss

Product parameter



  • 350~750V

    Voltage range

  • 25A

    Peak current

  • Class 3

    EMC class

  • ≥99%

    Max efficiency

  • ≤34kg


  • ≤569*451*232.5

    Size (mm)

Application models