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  • BD45

    BD45 is the Gen-4 five-in-one inverter of Inovance Automotive. It integrates BDU, PDU, DCDC, EAC, EPS, and can meet the requirements of N2, N3, and M3 models. TM adopts SiC module, which has higher efficiency and higher vehicle range.

  • Functional safety

    rich electrical integration to meet customer personalized needs

  • High EMC level

    batch products meeting Class 3 (on load), excellent anti-interference performance

  • Strong compatibility

    compatible with different configurations for vehicles on the same platform, improving vehicle development efficiency and reducing development costs

Product parameter



  • 300~750V

    Voltage range

  • 560A

    Peak current

  • ≥99%

    Max efficiency

  • -40℃~85℃

    Working temperature

  • 5500m


  • 30±2 kg


  • 536*433*225

    Size (mm)

Application models