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  • LM39-3

    LM39 is a hairpin motor specifically developed for the N2 model. By borrowing the passenger car OD210 hairpin platform and summarizing the development experience of the previous generation, the product has better quality, higher efficiency, lower cost, lighter weight, and larger output torque

  • Platformization

    Shared passenger vehicle research and development platform with high cost performance

  • High efficiency

    25% increase in peak torque density

  • Quiet and comfortable

    excellent motor NVH performance

  • Compatibility

    Full field coverage, applicable to different vehicle types

Product parameter

  • 350~750V

    Voltage range

  • 105~120kW

    Power range

  • 300~360Nm

    Torque range

  • 12000rpm

    Max speed

  • 97.41%

    Max efficiency

  • 287*411*353

    Size (mm)

  • 5500m


  • 50±2kg


Application models