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  • LD35-1

    This product is specially designed for electric logistics vehicles. It integrates the TM inverter, the EHPS motor inverter, the ACM inverter, DCDC and PDU . It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high integration, strong compatibility, high reliability, and easy maintenance.

  • High efficiency and safe

    Interface quick plug scheme, safe and efficient loading process;

  • Universal platform design

    Rich and optional interfaces, stable derivative performance

  • High EMC level

    High EMC design requirements, load class3, no-load class4 can reach

Product parameter

  • 350~750V

    Voltage range

  • 320/420A

    Peak current

  • ≥99%

    Max efficiency

  • -40℃~85℃

    Working temperature

  • 3000m


  • 495*405*246.7

    Size (mm)

  • 30±2 kg


Application models