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  • PD29

    Inovance Automotive Gen2 dual motor controller, which can be applied to compact, medium and large-class hybrid (PHEV&HEV) and REEV passenger vehicles

  • Modular design

    flexible change of package according to the customer requirements

  • Lightweight design

    high power density, improve vehicle range

  • Compact design

    small size, flexible installation , save vehicle packaging space

Product parameter

  • 190V~450V

    Voltage Range

  • 350Arms

    GM Peak Current

  • 350Arms~500Arms

    TM Peak Current

  • ASIL C

    Functional Safety

  • Class 3

    EMC Class

  • 99.0%

    Max Efficiency

  • 11.5kg


  • 400*238*138

    Size (mm)

Application models