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  • PC32

    Inovance Automotive Gen3 3-in-1 power supply, integrated of OBC, DC/DC, and PDU, applied to most of new energy vehicles, OBC realizes bidirectional conversion of charging power, PDU realizes high voltage power distribution

  • Support vehicle-to-load charging (V2L)

  • Support vehicle-to-vehicle charging (V2V)

  • Conform with EU standard

  • Applicable to BEV, PHEV, REEV

Product parameter

  • 85~264Vac/32A MAX

    AC input range

  • 200~480Vdc, 6.6kW

    HVDC output range

  • 9~16Vdc / 210A, 3.0kW

    LVDC output range

  • 220Vac / 3.3kVA

    AC reverse output

  • ≤10.0kg


Application models