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  • Gen4 eAxle ( Medium power )

    Inovance Automotive Gen-4 medium-power EDS is applied for B-class and C-class sedans, medium and large SUVs, and MPVs.

  • High EMC Level

    CLASS 3 with load.

  • Compatibility

    400V/ 800V, Si/ SiC, PSM/ ASM in one package; front / rear wheel drive compatible; PN outlet with X /Y directions; functional safety with ASIL C/D.

  • High speed

    OD180 20000rpm high-speed oil cooling motor to improve product performance.

  • High power density

    Integrated housing design of inverter , motor and gearbox to enhance power density.

Product parameter

  • 350V/720V

    Rated voltage

  • 200~900V

    Working Voltage

  • 120~200kW

    Wheel peak power

  • 30~100kW

    Wheel rated power

  • 1550rpm

    Wheel peak speed

  • 37000Nm/2500Nm/4000Nm

    Wheel peak torque

Application models