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  • PC41

    Inovance Automotive 2-in-1 product, integrated of 6.6kW bidirectional OBC and 3kW DC/DC, applied to BEV and PHEV passenger cars, support protection functions such as input overvoltage/undervoltage/overcurrent, output overvoltage/undervoltage/overcurrent, over temperature, short circuit, and high-voltage interlock, support CANFD communication, fault diagnosis, OTA, functional safety, and cyber security, support intelligent monitoring and OTA for vehicles

  • Small size and light weight

  • Low power consumption

  • Decoupling of OBC and DC/DC functions

  • Integrated EVCC module

Product parameter

  • 220Vac/6kVA

    OBC discharging rated output

  • 230Vdc~480Vdc

    OBC discharging input voltage range

  • 6.6kW

    OBC charging rated power

  • 200Vdc~480Vdc

    OBC charging output voltage range

  • 85Vac~265Vac

    OBC charging input voltage range

  • 208A

    DC/DC output rated current

  • 9Vdc~16Vdc

    DC/DC output voltage range

  • 14.4V

    DC/DC output rated voltage

  • 200Vdc~480Vdc

    DC/DC input voltage range

Application models