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  • PP30

    Inovance Automotive 3kW DC/DC, voltage converter to convert the high voltage from battery to low voltage for the low voltage system safely and efficiently, complying with safety regulations

  • Bidirectional conversion

  • High efficiency

  • Wide input range

  • Low power consumption

Product parameter

  • ≤10A

    Reverse maximum output current

  • 9V~15.5Vdc

    Reverse low voltage input voltage range

  • 180~480Vdc

    Reverse high voltage output voltage range

  • 9V~16V

    KL30 input voltage range

  • 210A

    Output rated current

  • 10.6Vdc~15.5Vdc

    Output voltage range

  • 14.5V

    Output rated voltage

  • 190V~480Vdc

    High voltage input voltage range

Application models