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  • PM44-H

    PM44-H is designed by Inovance Automotive based on the OD210 Hair-pin platform to meet the requirements of high endurance mileage, quiet comfort and high safety of new energy passenger vehicles, which can be applied to mainstream solutions such as 800V voltage platform. At the same time, it can meet the power demand of vehicles, such as Class B, Class C and Class D.

  • Safe and reliable

    Mature Hair-pin production process with huge delivery experience, Reliable product quality

  • NVH excellent

    NVH has excellent performance, and the interior noise is controlled within 25dB

  • High power density

    High speed and oil cooling, power density 7.4kW/kg

  • High efficiency

    Upgrade Hair-pin scheme, wide range of high efficiency zones, high comprehensive efficiency of CLTC

Product parameter

  • 260kW@740V

    Peak power

  • 103kW

    Rated power

  • 456N.m@740V

    Peak torque

  • 161.5N.m

    Rated torque

  • 20000rpm

    Peak speed

  • 5500rpm

    Rated speed

  • 400A

    Peak current

  • Oil cooling


  • Hair-pin


  • Ф220×L226mm


Application models