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  • PI44-H

    PI44-H asynchronous motor is designed by Inovance Automotive based on the OD210 Hair-pin platform, with the innovative cast aluminum rotor scheme for the auxiliary drive system of four-wheel drive vehicles, which can meet the power needs of Class A, Class B and SUV model power demand.

  • Safe and reliable

    800V Hair-pin process is mature, batch delivery is large, and products are safe and reliable

  • High power density

    High speed and oil cooling, power density 6.4kW/kg

  • high efficiency

    Innovative cast aluminum rotor scheme with low drag loss and high operation efficiency

  • Better external characteristics

    Depend on auxiliary drive system design, upgrade Hair-pin winding with better external characteristics

Product parameter

  • Ф210×205

    Size (mm)

  • Hair-pin


  • Oil cooling


  • 400A

    Peak current

  • 4629rpm

    Rated speed

  • 20000rpm

    Peak speed

  • 85Nm

    Rated torque

  • 302Nm @740V

    Peak torque

  • 41kW

    Rated power

  • 206kW @740V

    Peak power

Application models