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  • PM32-1

    PM32-1 is designed by Inovance Automotive based on the OD240 Hair-pin platform for the hybrid system platform with a small size, light weight, low noise and good reliability, which can meet the power requirements of different types of hybrid vehicles and extended-range model.

  • Safe and reliable

    Mature Hair-pin production process with huge delivery experience, Reliable product quality

  • NVH excellent

    NVH has excellent performance, and the interior noise is controlled within 30dB

  • High power density

    High speed and oil cooling, rated power density 2.43kW/kg

  • High efficiency

    Upgrade Hair-pin scheme, wide range of high efficiency zones, high comprehensive efficiency of CLTC

Product parameter

  • 110kW@350V

    Peak power

  • 40kW

    Rated power

  • 120N.m@350V

    Peak torque

  • 80N.m

    Rated torque

  • 12000rpm

    Peak speed

  • 6000rpm

    Rated speed

  • 320A

    Peak current

  • Oil cooling


  • Hair-pin


  • Ф240×107mm


Application models