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  • Motor and inverter solutions for vans

    High power-density , High safety rating , High efficiency

    INOVANCE has developed a full range of powertrain solutions for new energy logistics vans. The high-power-density inverter, combining the industry-leading HSM motor, features high safety rating, wide constant power speed regulation range, lightweight, and excellent NVH original design and is applicable to various scenarios. The sophisticated control technologies such as variable carrier frequency and overmodulation improve vehicle efficiency and reduce energy consumption to increase the range. The powertrain solution can work with various integrated axles in a mid-motor, rear-wheel drive layout or a rear-motor, rear-wheel drive layout. It can also be connected to the drive shaft of a reducer to form a front-motor, front-wheel -drive/rear-motor, rear-wheel drive layout. Small, light and easy to install. We provide a full range of solutions from development to production for the OEMs.

  • High power-density

    High power-density enables light weight and small size, which facilitate installation and reduce costs.

  • High safety rating

    A motor with low back electromotive force and low short circuit current and an inverter with high EMC rating and high protection keep the whole vehicle safe.

  • High efficiency

    Sophisticated technologies including wide constant power speed range, variable carrier frequency and overmodulation ensure excellent energy efficiency.

Solution composition
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  • Voltage range:250~420V
  • Peak current :260Arms
  • EMC:Class 4 LV
  • Maximum efficiency:98.5%
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LM61 motor

  • Peak power:78kW @336V
  • Peak torque:220Nm
  • Peak speed:9000rpm
  • Maximum efficiency:≥95.5%
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