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  • Motor and inverter solutions for light trucks

    100% electric , High reliability , Lightweight , Low cost

    With the vigorous development of urban logistics and the increasingly stringent requirements for urban environment, people see great opportunities in the NEV industry. Inovance provides a full range of powertrain solutions for new energy commercial light trucks. The high-power-density inverter and high-speed single-stage gearbox solution improve the EKG rating of the vehicle while significantly reducing the manufacturing cost. Moreover, the passenger vehicle development system is applied to the product development to ensure high safety rating.

  • 100% electric

    Pure electric vehicles exempt you from road space rationing.

  • High reliability

    The single-stage gearbox solution allows for simple structure and improved reliability of the vehicles.

  • Lightweight

    The high-speed motor solution reduces the weight of the powertrain and improve the EKG rating of vehicles.

  • Low cost

    The lightweight powertrain significantly reduces manufacturing costs.

Solution composition
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five-in-one integrated inverter

  • Peak current:320 Arms or 420 Arms (optional)
  • Voltage range : 350 V to 750 V
  • EMC : Class 3 at on-load condition
  • Class 4 at no-load condition
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  • Peak power:120kW
  • Peak torque:1007Nm
  • Peak speed:3811rpm
  • Gear ratio :3.148
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