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  • LS30

    Inovance powertrain solution for electric light-duty truck allows large-power and high-torque output by using a high-speed motor matched with single-stage gearbox. This powertrain solution, compared with traditional direct-drive solutions, has undergone substantial improvement in product cost and overall weight. Meanwhile, it removes the problems that usually come with a multi-stage gearbox, such as bad user experience, poor reliability and high maintenance cost. This solution has already been applied in light-duty trucks on a large scale.


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Product parameter

  • IP67/IP56


  • 5年/20万公里


  • 95%


  • 1007Nm/3811rpm


Application models


■ Adopting high-speed motor design with high power-density

■ Performing simulations and tests on parts, systems, and overall vehicles to ensure product reliability