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  • five-in-one integrated inverter

    The 3rd generation of Inovance five-in-one integrated inverter is designed for the 4.5T–7.5T e-truck and integrated with TM, PDU, EPS, ACM and DC/DC. It is scheduled to enter mass production in May 2019.

five-in-one integrated inverter

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Product parameter

  • 99%

    Max. efficiency

  • 800Hz

    Max. output frequency

  • Class 3


  • 150kVA

    Peak power

Application models


■ High integration, high reliability and easy maintenance,

■ Quick-connect interface to ensure safe and efficient loading,

■ Versatile platform design and abundant optional interfaces to ensure stable performance of derivative products,

■ High EMC requirements, Class3 at on-load condition and Class 4 at no-load condition