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  • Class A 3-in-1 Powertrain

    Integration of the inverter, motor and gearbox in one housing. Approved 3-in-1 solution with excellent stability and reduced risks. High EMC rating with mass production EMC level up to Class 3 and excellent anti-interference performance.High flexibility with the parking brake as an option.

Class A 3-in-1 Powertrain

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  • High EMC rating

    mass production EMC level up to Class 3 and excellent anti-interference performance

  • Mature

    excellent stability and reduced risks

  • Safe

    high-voltage interlock and active short-circuit protection

  • High efficiency

    Max. efficiency up to 93.5%

  • High flexibility

    the parking brake as an option

  • Wide operating temperature range

    full performance @ -40℃ to 105℃

Product parameter

  • 200—450V

    Voltage range

  • 130kW@320V

    Peak power range

  • 2315-2900Nm

    Peak torque range

  • 0-1450rpm

    Speed range

  • Class 3


  • 93.5%

    Max. system efficiency

  • 95Kg


Application models


■ Modular design allows for extreme flexibility.

■ Compact design allows for small size, flexible installation position and small space occupation.

■ Lightweight design and high power density increase vehicle range.

■ Platform-based design with variable stator stack length and gearbox speed ratio enables various output torques to meet requirements of different types of vehicles.

■ Phase-cable-free design reduces overall cost of the vehicle.